Here are some of the reviews received from members of our community. We welcome your input and invite you to send your comments, photos and audio/video files to us here.

"[This] was a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.  The Chorus and Drummers, as well as their guests, the Blessed Trinity Jazz Choir, delivered a very professional performance, entertaining young and old alike." - Claude Dallaire, following our Earth Day and Canada 150 performance

"Congratulations to My [sic] choir, for a wonderful music-filled evening. I was singing in my heart, and so impressed with all the hard work you've done to make these songs so finely tuned." - Jill Darke, following the Our Beloved Land performance

"Your performance tonight was outstanding. I loved the variety of the music. I appreciated that the choir serves a higher purpose than just singing, you bring awareness of so many issues." - Joan Clow, following the Our Beloved Land performance

"I can't even begin to express how incredibly and deeply your music touched the audience at your Spring Concert last night.  You rocked the house, you blew the roof off the place and you took my breath clean away. You electrified, excited, lifted and changed every person who bought a ticket to come and hear you perform."
- Jeannine VanderBeek

"Sincere thanks for a fantastic performance at our fundraiser for
Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Your gift of music was truly appreciated." - Debbie Whitehouse